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Complex Income Loans Understands Complex Income Situations

Are you self employed?  Many self employed borrowers have complicated income situations due to the fluctuating natures of their business.  Often times, self employed borrowers take a different income every month making it difficult for mortgage loan underwriters to approve their loans.  We have the experience and knowledge to present your loan package correctly to loan underwriters.

Our years of experience working with self-employed and ‘year-end bonus’ borrowers has enable us to create processes for these unique borrowers.  No situation is ever exactly the same, but our organizational method enables us to present your loan package to underwriters so they can understand exactly how you get paid.

We understand how to analyze your tax returns, bank statements, and various other financial documents and in an effort to document as much income as-needed to increase your chances of loan approval.  Where less experienced loan officers may “get you turned-down,” we make sure your chances of approval are the highest.

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